Frequently Asked Questions

How is electricity consumption calculated?

This is how it works. When you arrive one of our representatives will take a picture of the electricity meter and then we will take another picture upon check out so we know how many kWh were used during your stay. Please feel free to take your own picture or ask to come and we can do it together. The meters are located near the main door and have your unit number.

  • For Suites and 1 bedroom, the cost is 3 Mexican pesos per kWh.
  • For 2 bedrooms, the cost range is 3 to 5 Mexican pesos per kWh.
  • For Penthouses, and large homes, The cost is 6 Mexican pesos per kWh.
  • Guests only pay for the electricity they use.
Which services are included/not included with my booking?

Short-term rentals include electricity up to 10 kWh per day. This is usually sufficient for regular use. However, if you exceed 10 kWh, you will pay for the overage. This usually only happens with excessive AC use or electronics that consume large amounts of electricity. Please consider turning off the AC when you are not in the unit or setting the thermostat at a higher temperature when you leave and a lower temperature when you want a comfortable sleep.

A renter will rarely exceed the allotted amount. Statistically, 95% of our guests do not use more than 10 kWh per day. The overage fee is calculated at 3 to 6 MXN pesos depending on the unit you rent. A photo of your meter will be taken when you arrive and when you leave. You are welcome to take your own photos as well for your own proof.

Long-term rentals do not include electricity as they are already at a discounted price. See the FAQ “How is electricity consumption calculated?” above for specific information about your electricity costs.

The following services are not included but can be arranged for an added fee:

  • Additional housekeeping
  • Additional towels, linens, or blankets
  • Airport shuttle service
  • Additional soap, drinking water, toilet paper, etc.
Is there a security deposit?

Yes, the deposit amount depends on the unit you are renting. The deposit must be in cash. We will accept MXN, USD, Euro, or CAD. The deposit will be returned to you at the end of your stay after an inspection. If there is any damage to the unit, missing or broken items, or violations of the condo rules, that amount will be deducted from your deposit and any remaining amount will be returned to you at check out.


What time is check-in and check-out?
  • Check-in 3:00 pm
  • Check-out 11:00 am


Can I storage my baggage?

Should you arrive before check-in and need to store your bags while you explore the town, we will do our best to accommodate your needs. Some apartments may require more advanced notice for this service. Please advise us as soon as you can so we can prepare a safe place for your luggage.

Same with the check-out. You need to vacate the condo by 11 am but if you need to store your luggage after your check-out let us know so we can do our best to accommodate your requests.


Is parking available?

In many cases yes, this depends on the unit you are renting. Please inquire about parking when you are booking. If parking is not available in front of your unit you may park on the street. Please be sure you do not park on a yellow line or block any driveways as you may be fined or towed at your expense. An “E” with a red circle and a slash means you cannot park there.

Please do not leave anything in your car that could tempt a thief. Our neighborhoods are pretty safe but don’t take chances always take your belongings with you.

Some places require a fee to park on the street. You can pay this fee through an app called Mueve Ciudad. The cost is 2 pesos per 12 minutes or 10 pesos per hour. Fees are only collected from 10 am to 10 pm otherwise parking is free.

Additionally, you can use payment machines on the streets, they are coin-operated.

Parking stations are also available for a reasonable fee. Look for “Estación de estacionamiento” or sometimes a big “E” with a red circle around it. Be sure to get your parking receipt before you leave the station and have it ready when you return. Be aware that parking stations hours or you may find it closed and you will have to leave your car till the next day.  Parking stations are pretty economical.


What are the transportation options from the airport to playa del carmen?

Private transportation can be pre-arranged. The fee is $70.00 USD one way. A driver will meet you as you exit the airport. He/She will hold a sign with your name on it. If you purchase a round trip ticket you will pay $130 USD that will save you 20.00 USD.


We require the following information to book your transportation:
  • Date:
  • First and last name:
  • Airline:
  • Flight number:
  • City of departure:
  • Arrival time:
  • Do not forget to make payment in cash directly to the driver (always ask for a receipt).

Another good and safe option is the “ADO” Bus. You can purchase tickets inside the airport. The average cost is $15.00 USD. In Playa del Carmen the “ADO” Bus station is on the corner of 5th Ave and Juarez Ave. From there you can take a taxi to your condo (Taxi on average should be around $10.00 USD)

When taking a taxi you should ask for the fare in advance. They do not use meters. This will eliminate any surprises at the end of your trip.


How can I get access to the public beach?

Playa del Carmen is one of the most chosen places in Riviera Maya because of the easy access to the beach. At least 50% of the streets in the tourist area provide beach access.


Is it safe to buy tours from street sellers?

Most of them are legitimate. If you do decide on a tour, they should take you to a nearby office when you can pay, pick up some literature and receive a receipt. If there is an office and you have a receipt, then they are most likely legit.